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June 2, 2009
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June 9, 2009
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abbieTook a USAirways flight to New York City yesterday. My first experience since they instituted all the upcharges. So yes, I paid $15 to check my bag. Looks like everyone has figured out how to the fight the system. They carry on a bunch of little bags. Instead of charging to check, they should charge for the privilege of carrying on your bags.

Don’t get me started on the $7 snack packs – chips, pretzels, licorice. Eek. Good thing I stopped and got a breakfast burrito. But what really irked me? The $7 they now charge for a pillow and blanket. What?

So you can imagine my mood when I got off the plane. Fortunately, my suitcase was at baggage claim pretty quickly and the car service was right there.

I’m staying at the New York Marriott Downtown. They greet you at registration with a champagne cocktail. Nice. Even nicer? The GM, John Montano, sends up a piece of cheesecake (covered in chocolate, caramel and nuts) with a welcome note.

I put a small post about it on Twitter and within in minutes, Marriott’s twitter’er responds. I sent a quick email note to the GM – another direct response. Very impressive indeed.

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  1. Abbie says:

    Let me clarify a bit. It is not the airline I have an issue with, but rather the policy that all airlines are adopting. I understand the need for certain fees, I would just rather pay them upfront at the time of purchase than have to pay as I go.

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