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In September I did a series of #tipfortuesday blogs all about Twitter (See Twitter tip #1,  Tip #2 and #3Tip #4 and Tip #5) and in October I am doing a series all about Facebook!

Last week my blog, Engage Me Facebook, discussed setting content calendars and the best time to post. This week I am going to discuss the not-so-age-old question of how many times a day to post.

Before I give you a “magic” number on the how many times a day you should post, I am going to get on my soapbox for a minute and say the most important thing to remember about posting is that it is about quality over quantity. You should be using Facebook for engagement and relationships. Would you rather post one time a day and have 50 comments or post five times a day and have a total of five comments?

If you are using the content calendar we discussed last week you should have already created at least 1-2 posts each day. In my opinion, the “optimal number” of posts per day is 2-4 posts spread out over the span of the day. In addition, I would not recommend posting more than six times in a single day. There are exceptions to this rule- for example, you have a special event that is taking place where you are updating your page with photos (remember photo posts get 120 percent more engagement on Facebook ) or details from the event.  Because attention spans are so short- when you post too much people will get annoyed and will unlike your page (which is the opposite of what you are trying to do).

I thought I would give you a few examples of organizations that do a very good job with posting:

Arizona Science Center - Posts 1-2 times a day and are very visual. But the key is that they also post on the weekends. While this is not something you will find all organizations do, it can be important as it is outside the normal “posting” times.

Brownie Brittle- They post about 1 time a day, but they almost always have photos and links that are relevant. The key is that they also have a weekly “Fan Favorite” that they post a fan with a photo they posted! They happen to also cross promote this with Twitter (brilliant idea)!

DrugFreeAz.org – (Full disclaimer - this is a client of HMA Public Relations). They do an excellent job of posting 1-3 times a day but with useful tips and information on workshops for parents. They are also very visual with every post and they have tons of links to get more information.

Phoenix Zoo- Posts 2-4 times a day but are very visual in their posts and they post timely images. They keep their page full of photos of the animals in the zoo.

Terrapin Ridge Farms – Not only do they post visual images that make you want to cook the item for dinner. They also post recipes and links for the items to make it easy for you!

But every page is a little different, so an organization needs to find what works best! Try posting 3-4 times a day with photos and links and watch your Facebook analytics and look the trends. You will quickly learn what types of posts work best!

Do you know of any successful Facebook pages you can share?

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
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