Corporate Social Responsibility Ideas

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January 19, 2016
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Corporate Social Responsibility Ideas

Corporate Social Responsibility Ideas

Last week I highlighted the importance of corporate social responsibility and how having some sort of CSR or community relations plan in your organization is worthwhile – both for the community and for the growing happiness in your workplace.

This time around, I want to offer some corporate social responsibility ideas for how your company can get involved. Coming up with ideas isn’t always easy. In fact, we often help our clients in this area. We help them find ways to give back that is unique to their organization. And, we wholly enjoy doing it.

Here are some top-notch corporate social responsibility ideas:
  • Partner with other organizations – Think about what kind of professional relationships your organization has with other organizations. You can build those relationships by collaborating on some sort of donation drive or something more complex like a service to the community. With your powers united, the partnership can do an endless amount of good.
  • Support a nonprofit that makes sense – Match what your company does well with a similar nonprofit. If you’re in the air duct business, promoting clean air, then set some funds aside for an organization that supports clean air.
  • Use all natural ingredients – If you have a small bakery or café, consider using only all-natural ingredients. That is a consistent way to do good for the community.
  • Create a volunteer day – Once a month you and your team can get together and spend some time volunteering at a local nonprofit. You can rotate who chooses the next volunteer service. This way everyone gets involved and has a say in how to give back, which can make it more meaningful.

Whichever of these corporate social responsibility ideas you decide to pick, as long as you stay committed to giving back then it will be a success.

What other corporate social responsibility ideas can you add to the list?

Shelby Ray
Shelby Ray
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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