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Recently while in Abbie’s office I said the phrase – “Break It Down,” to which she replied – “hold that thought,” got her dancing polar bear who sings “Ice, Ice, Baby” (Yes- the very one) and proceeded to dance in her office to the beat of the bear (Not once, but twice). She then proceeded to let me know that this was my fault because I said the phrase “Break It Down.”  This brings me to the point of this blog, setting the trend for cool things to say in the office in 2013.


Below are the top 10 things you should try and say in the office and in your meetings in 2013.


  1. “We’re going to take the rest of the week as a ‘snow day.’” – Scott Hanson recommends! I say this one works VERY well in Arizona! We should do it!
  2. I’m right on Top of that Rose- Why not bring back the classic phrase from the ‘80s? Who can name the movie?
  3. From Stephanie Lough- “WWSJD?  - What would Steve Jobs do?”  (OR WWPCD? For the Super geeks out there)! Thanks - I love this one!
  4. “Bazinga!” – Who doesn’t like Sheldon Cooper?
  5. “Can you come here for a second, It’s nothing bad” – Said by no one EVER except by Alison Bailin to everyone in the office!
  6. Nipster Hipster”- Because it just sounds cool!
  7. “Yes, that was a fantastic story on ’60 Minutes’ about our client” I can’t wait for Scott to say this one in 2013!
  8. “We need to wrap our pretty little heads around this one.” I just like saying “pretty little heads.”
  9. “Purple Zombies Batman!” Why not? Everyone loves Zombies! Right Joy Rivera?
  10.  “Sure enough, that’s our one-millionth “like” on Facebook” – Scott, is this HMA’s goal in 2013?


And finally “To Wrap This Up in a Bow” (as Sally Clifford at Alliance of Arizona Non-Profits likes to say) these are the top 10 things for you to use in the office in 2013! You could even make a contest out of how many you can use in one meeting!


Do you have any that should be added to this list?

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. I love my dancing polar bear.

  2. Billie Walls says:

    Bazinga!! One of the top things to say in the office !! And I thought it was just me that liked that saying . LOL

  3. Katie says:

    I know the answer to #2. Don’t Tell Mom the Baby-Sitter is Dead- I loved Christina Applegates 80’s poof!

  4. Mimi says:

    Why am I not surprised Abbie was able to immediately produce a Dancing Polar Bear that produced exactly the right soundtrack for her response?

    My daughter got my husband the tshirt with barium zinc and gallium periodic symbols on it. The message is clear to any nerd who loves Big Bang Theory. BaZnGa!

    I’ll keep this list handy, Rachel, thank you! Happy New Year!!

  5. Joy says:

    The beginning of this blog reminded me of Pee-Wee Herman’s “secret word of the day”. In fact, I recommend EVERYONE pick a word and scream when you hear it said. It would be even more fun if you each pick a different word and don’t tell anyone. 🙂

    I’m going around right now telling people my resolution this year consists of “just being happy by changing the things I can and accepting the things I can’t”….the looks I get are priceless since they can’t tell if I’m being serious or not and it usually moves the conversation on to something a little more bearable. 🙂

  6. Tanya says:

    Quite frequently, the writer of this blog comes up with some absolutely brilliant stuff. Although I probably couldn’t use any of these in my line of work, I would love to walk around saying “I’m right on top of that Rose” because I loved that movie.

  7. As someone who has seen Abbie break it down on more than one occasion, I know what a treat that must have been!

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