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January 17, 2008
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January 18, 2008
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You may not know this, but our client, Subway Restaurants of Arizona, did something very cool a few years back – they started their own local non-profit organization called Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona. In addition to providing sports equipment, uniforms, registration fees and access to major sporting events for kids who might not otherwise be able to participate, Subway

Kids & Sports and The Salvation Army partner together each month to present bikes, helmets and locks to special children in the Valley. Yesterday, Subway Kids & Sports rode into Rose

Linda Elementary School to present two special children with their very own bikes, helmets and locks. Cycle for Success focuses on increasing children's self-esteem, encouraging the community to become involved in the lives of at-risk children, and promoting volunteerism in local schools. Subway Kids & Sports and The Salvation Army want to advocate health and safety of children, recognize random acts of kindness that may otherwise go unnoticed, and encourage community involvement in the lives of at-risk youth.


Enjoy these photos from yesterday’s event!

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