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FaciliteqIn today’s business world, environmental responsibility and flexibility is fast becoming the driving force behind office design.  Faciliteq, a Preferred Haworth Distributor in the Southwest region, has incorporated a sustainability mission through adaptive re-use of materials and the integration of modular office construction.

Faciliteq was founded in 2005 by Quentin Abramo with one mission in mind—to create sustainable, economical and employee-centered workspaces. The key to this is goal was to design work environments which inspire, are comfortable and provide technological advantages that the end-user will benefit from, something that Faciliteq has been delivering since its inception.

Our success in this comes from our ability to design and provide high-performance architectural interiors, including modular walls, modular power and data distribution, and raised access flooring platforms.

But what is modular office design and why is it important to consider when developing an office space?

With the rate at which technology changes in today’s world, it’s essential that organizations be able to adapt and change along with it. This characteristic is one that doesn’t end with employers but extends all the way to an office’s attributes, like heating and air, furniture and walls. As one of a few Haworth dealers in the county that delivers these three things, we take this part of our design very seriously.

The intent behind modular office design is to be able to take apart the elements of the design, replace them if need be or recombine them with other elements, depending on what your office space needs in that moment. With this level of customizability, modular office design is perfect for a growing business.

The Benefits of an Adaptable Office

  1. Cost savings – The efficiencies of these modular systems will ultimately translate into cost savings for your company. Considering that the materials used are all prefabricated, it makes for a quicker installation process and are all made to be re-purposed if need be.
  2. Speed – Modular elements can be delivered and assembled faster, posing minimal disruption to the office. In addition to this, the walls are pre-finished, pre-glazed and pre-wired, making for a very efficient installation and reducing construction schedules.
  3. Sustainability – This happens to be another key initiative in our business plan and one that goes hand-in-hand with modular design. Modular elements can earn LEED® points for your company. For example, modular wall systems are not only reusable and recyclable, installation is practically dust-free, which improves the air quality, and they introduce less initial material into the built environment, eliminating waste right from the get-go.
  4. Adaptability – As mentioned before, one of the best things about modular design is its ability to evolve. For instance, take modular wall face panels. They can be easily switched to accommodate new technology or to modify the aesthetics of the interior space. Modular elements can be moved around to accommodate more space for your growing business.
  5. Company Culture and Productivity – These flexible systems practically invite the dynamics of the workplace to change, an undeniable outcome in any office space because it’s driven primarily by changing technology. Studies have shown that these things directly relate to improved team productivity and employee retention.

The benefits of modular office design blow the cons out of the water. And we’re not the only ones who believe this. The main takeaway from modular office design is that what may have worked for you 18 months ago may no longer work for you today since technology tends to change every six months. It’s imperative that your workspace has the ability to evolve with these frequent changes.

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November 7, 2017
John Shinners - Faciliteq - HMA PR

So Long to the Straightforward Office Designs of Yesteryear; Local Specialty Contractor Faciliteq Offers a “Modular” Concept

In today’s business world, environmental responsibility and flexibility is fast becoming the driving force behind office design.  Faciliteq, a Preferred Haworth Distributor in the Southwest region, […]