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Dog Days of Summer – Our K-9s Give the 411 on Communicating
June 21, 2012
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June 25, 2012
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"Us cats are complicated beings. And we are really good at poker." - Cats.



It’s a never ending competition between cats and dogs. Don’t let those spunky personalities and dog tricks fool you. Cats are the real companion and ultimate communicators!

Yesterday, HMA’s furry K-9s took over the blog in Dog Days of Summer – Our K-9s Give the 411 on Communicating, barking about what they believed to be keys to communicating. Once a few kitties in the office sensed what was going on, they came with their claws out ready to defend why they know more about the ways of communicating. After all, didn’t anyone ever tell you cats rule and dogs drool? Here’s what the cat queens Tinkerbell Snyder and Lucky Bailin-Batz had to say about communicating:

  • Beware of cat fights- Everybody communicates differently. Find the best way to get your message across without causing any hissing.

"When I don't want to be touched I always give subtle hints... but if you keep bothering me I will hiss at you"- Tinkerbell

  • Don't get your whiskers in a bunch- Don't always take things so seriously. Be able to joke and have fun. It will make being around you more enjoyable.

"My days are pretty busy sleeping and eating. I always enjoy when I can take a break and have some fun with my mom playing with my toys"- Tinkerbell


  • Meow when necessary- If you want something say so, people can't read your mind.

"A few meows and a little attention always gets me what I want"- Tinkerbell

  • Follow your nose- Follow your instincts in whatever you do and if you don't think something is right say so.

"I always follow my nose and most of the time it gets me to a big bowl of yummy food or a cat treat"- Tinkerbell

  • Talk to the Paw- There is a time and place for everything. If you are having a communication problem address it at the right time in the appropriate manner.

"My mom doesn't appreciate it when I come bother her while she is doing work. I have to remember that work comes first and then play time"- Tinkerbell

  • Cat got your Tongue- Everybody makes mistakes, when you know you messed do the right thing and apologize.

"When I get into mischief and make a mess it makes my mom mad. So, I make cute faces and cuddle to make it better"- Tinkerbell

  • Take a hint – sometimes what you are doing just ain’t working. Move on.

“When a meow doesn’t work to get moms attention I do the next best thing, the cute cat face”- Lucky

  • Take a moment – when situations get heated, excuse yourself if you need to in order to compose yourself

“When I am being bombarded with attention, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes I need to take a moment for a quick cat nap to refresh myself”- Lucky

  • Aim high – so what if the fence seems high, give it a jump

“I like to jump all over the furniture. It shows off my amazing agility”- Lucky

  • Fire hydrants are not restrooms. Learn to use the washroom properly – and other general manners, for that matter.


“My mom taught me that it is poor kitty manners to relieve myself where I am not supposed to. I have a box for that”- Lucky

  • Attitude is everything

“When I play nice, I get rewarded with kitty treats”- Lucky

  • A little kindness goes a long way to making someone’s day (see photo attached for visual proof)

“When my dad has a bad day, I can always cheer him up with a little cuddling”- Lucky

Stephanie Lough
Stephanie Lough
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. Good post — as in scratching post. Excellent points. Reminds me of a Pepsi Max commercial. “Live life to the max. Pepsi Max.” “Bad cheetah.” “And that’s why I’m not a cat person.”

  2. As the mom of two kitty daughters I love this post!

  3. Excellent info here, I am currently doing some research and found exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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