Can Cam Newton Rally His Image?

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February 9, 2016
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Cam Newton Super Bowl Press ConferenceNFL Most Valuable Player Cam Newton has been appropriately skewered for his horrific display during his post-Super Bowl 50 news conference.

We all get that he didn’t play his best and neither did his team in the 24-10 loss to the Denver Broncos.  But if you are the face of your franchise – self-appointed or not – then you must act with dignity and respect, even after a crushing loss.

His curt, one- and two-word answers to questions, before abruptly walking out, were immature, disrespectful to the millions of football fans who wanted to hear his perspective of the game and about as anti-media training 101 as you can get.

Can he restore his image?


Sooner, rather than later, he could have another press conference.  His message could be clear and concise:

“I’m sorry for how I acted immediately after the Super Bowl.  I was upset.  It was a new situation for me. The logistics for the news conference were not good.  I reacted in an unprofessional manner.   I’m hopeful that Carolina Panthers fans and NFL fans will forgive me for that.   Anyone have any questions….?”

Fans would understand that.

If he waits until training camp in August to address it, he’ll continue to be slammed by media across the country and likely potential sponsors, who claim he went from a “Look at me!” season-long attitude while piling up a 17-1 record to a “Don’t look at me!” persona after getting drubbed in the Super Bowl.

That would be a bad image for a poor sport – who doesn’t have to be either.

Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson
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