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July 10, 2008
Alison Bailin promoted to SAE
July 14, 2008
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So, it turns out that JonBenet Ramsey's parents really didn't kill her - you could have knocked me over with a feather on this one! I mean, after seeing two or three made-for-tv movies in the past 10 years practically re-creating how the Ramsey parents abused and killed their "Little Miss" daughter, plus watching a decade of journalists, analysts and other pundits persecute the Ramsey family for their alleged crimes, I honestly thought they did it.

This stunning announcements reminds me of a very stern journalism professor I had in college who would give us automatic zeros on any stories that implied someone was guilty of a crime. Too bad all of those folks at CNN and behind-the-scenes at the networks didn't have him too - it would have saved this family 10 years of persecution and hate.

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