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October 14, 2015
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October 16, 2015
Shelby Ray, HMA Public Relations and Pam Chambers - Business Presentation and Networking Tips

Shelby Ray, HMA Public Relations and Pam Chambers - Business Presentation and Networking Tips

Are you preparing to speak in front of a large crowd, small audience, during a meeting, networking event or even a lunch presentation? There are many business etiquette tips that could even help great communicators. This is why as an introverted PR pro I was thrilled to attend the Business Etiquette: Presenting Yourself with Compelling Confidence workshop. The workshop was led by renowned presentation coach Pam Chambers, who was such a delight! So, thank you to PRSA Phoenix and IABC Phoenix for hosting such a great event!

Expel public speaking nerves – literally
When you have nerves from public speaking, you literally need to expel the built up energy from your body. Pam revealed a couple of discrete ways to do this as you are getting ready to present. One way you can exert energy is by pushing your foot in the ground. When you release adrenaline that your body builds up from being nervous then you will begin to feel calm.

What is your game plan when attending networking events?
Prior to this workshop, when I would attend a networking event I would do research on the speaker, arrive to the event and look for familiar faces. However, after this workshop I learned that this game plan might not be good enough if I wanted to be efficient and strategic about my networking.

Pam explained the importance of determining who you want to talk to the second you step into the room. She also explained how you could walk away with only three business cards and be more successful networking compared to walking away with 15 business cards. This is where the game plan comes into play. When you arrive at the registration table, make note of the key players that are attending and be sure to create an opportunity to speak to them. And, know that key players are all subjective.

Another point Pam made that really resonated with the audience in regards to having the courage to talk to others is, “You don’t have to be interesting as long as you are interested.”

You like me! You really like me!
When you are not too fond of someone, do you let them help you out? I’m guessing you probably do not. This is why your audience needs to like you in order for your message to resonate. Not only do they need to like you, but they need to feel connected to you and find you trustworthy. Pam explained the importance of building a bridge to your audience paved with trustworthiness, likeability and connections.

Now you tell me – What business presentation and networking tips have you found to be helpful?

Shelby Ray
Shelby Ray
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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