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alisonSo, I have gained weight since my December 2008 wedding…and it is all marketing and PR’s fault!

Oh, you heard me fellow communications professionals. You and I have systematically worked together to make me fat.

This realization came upon me yesterday while at the grocery store. As always, I ignored all of the “junk” food like Hostess cupcakes, Nabisco Oreos and Hershey’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. After all, it has been drilled in my head over the past two decades never to buy that kind of food for the home if you wanted to maintain your weight.apg_100_calorie_070827_ms

So, what did I buy?

It seems as long as my favorite junk food is labeled with the number “100,” I somehow think it is okay to eat. And why do I think that?

Brilliant PR and marketing people.

Sheesh. Through clever packaging, award wins as healthy snacks, and several news articles, my own people actually convinced me Twinkies were now okay to eat.

Well, my hat is off to all of the hard-working communications folks involved in launching these products. My waistline hates you, but your strategy is certainly working. Keep up the good work – I think.

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