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scott2I’ve known radio personality Dave Pratt since the late ‘80s when we played together on the “Celebrity Suns,” a basketball team of local media people who would play against high school faculty teams to raise money for charity.

His book, Dave Pratt, Behind the Mic, 30 Years in Radio, is his story about his tremendous career in Phoenix radio. It’s an excellent story about setting your mind to do something and then accomplishing that goal.

dave-prattDave is a great family guy who also shared some of his stories about working in the media, and who some of his best and worst interviewees were.

It’s a long list, but among the best: George Carlin, Don King, Kenny Rogers, Steve Martin, David Spade, Hulk Hogan, Dennis Miller, Donny Osmond, John Madden, Cameron Diaz, and Jerry Colangelo, of whom Dave said, “he’s one of those guys I’d like to sit next to on a long road trip.”

Dave’s all-time favorite interviewee: Larry King.

He’s also got chapters in the book on his worst interviewees and dispelling and confirming some of the rumors about “The Morning Mayor,” as well.

It’s an entertaining read.

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