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July 20, 2011
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How do you measure success?

There is one term I truly hate in public relations – Advertising Equivalency Value, or AVE.

For those not familiar with AVE, it’s a formula used to determine what editorial coverage we public relations folks secure for our clients/brands/companies would cost if it were advertising space or time.

There is just one very major problem with this – AVEs are not the value of public relations!!

Imagine my joy when Ruth Pestana, worldwide director for strategic services for Hill & Knowlton, had the exact same sentiment during a recent BurrellesLuce webinar (moderated by the lovely Johna Burke).

During the session, I learned valuable ways to help others understand the uselessness of the AVE.

They do not:

  • Capture the OUTCOME of a public relations campaign, limited what we do to simply placement in the media
  • Capture message delivery
  • Factor in photos or headline mentions
  • Measure new forms of media – including a little (sarcasm) thing called SOCIAL MEDIA
  • Measure earned value – instead focusing on cost savings if one chose advertising instead

Pestana went on to discuss a strategic public relations task force she participated on, which spent hundredsupon hundreds of hours debating a better method to measure success over time. The result – Barcelona Principles.

This framework, debuted at a Barcelona public relations conference in 2010 (hence the name), focuses on goal-setting and planning rather than a generic measurement formula after the fact. It also aligns with the communications funnel, which includes:

  • Building awareness,
  • Creating knowledge;
  • Increasing interest;
  • Helping give
    preference; and eventually
  • Moving to action

So, here is my question – are you adopting the Barcelona Principles? Still being forced into AVE reports? Or are you doing your own thing? If so – tell us all about it!

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Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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