September 16, 2016

Apple’s Weird (or Interesting?) Take on Social Media

As most of us probably know, Apple held its annual launch event last week where they announced what we can expect in their technology for the next year. This year’s launch included the unveiling of the iPhone 7, which was a bit more exciting than the launch that introduces the “S” version of past year’s phone. But that wasn’t what caught Sara’s eye in our office – instead, she zeroed in on their social media footprint during the launch. Click the link to read the interesting strategy she noticed from the Apple brand.
September 6, 2016

YouTube Demonetizing Videos…But is it Censorship?

If you’ve been on YouTube lately, you might have seen an influx of videos claiming YouTube is censoring material. Censorship, however, may not be the correct descriptor for what’s happening. So what is happening? [Click below for more].
August 31, 2016

Disaster Hits, Time to Check in On Facebook

I know Facebook has the feature to check in as “safe” during a disaster—I think I first saw it in use during the Paris attacks last November—but I have never seen a governmental organization urging its citizens to check in this way. It makes sense I guess. Actually call your loved ones like your mom, dad, sister, brother, significant other, and then check in to let the rest of the world know you’re ok. To read this full post, click the link. And be sure to share what you think about this process.
August 17, 2016

Questions to Ask Yourself When Moving

Our newest team member, Sara, is very happy to now be a resident of Arizona (she got my AZ driver license last week!), but there was a lot of thought that went into her final decision to move here from Maryland. And while deciding to move is a very personal choice, she thought she’d share her thought process when it came to moving in hopes that these questions might help you. Click the link below to read her story.
August 4, 2016

The New Snapchat: Instagram

Instagram recently released its newest feature: Instagram Stories. It allows Instagram users to post a photo or short video that will disappear after 24 hours. Sound […]