December 4, 2019

What can you expect from social media in 2020?

2020 is almost here! What social media trends are you looking forward to in the new year? Check out what Social Media Today is predicting.
November 21, 2019

PR Lessons of Thanksgiving Dinner

With Thanksgiving coming up next Thursday, now is the perfect time to highlight the PR lessons we can take away from Thanksgiving Dinner.
November 13, 2019

What is your Inspiration?

How do you get inspired? Autumn noticed she has a routine to get to her “aha!” moment. Check out some of her tricks to find inspiration.
November 7, 2019

Why We Do What We Do

The Golden Rule applies to business too! Once the work is done, there’s always more we can do to keep our clients happy. Read more from Autumn on how to go above and beyond our client expectations.
November 1, 2019

You should confirm, that is the answer

Autumn learned from Abbie's example and found out why it's always best to confirm appointments. Do you confirm your appointments? See why you should!
October 22, 2019

The Vatican is following digital trends, are you?

Take a tip from the Vatican this #TipTuesday on how to embrace the digital world. See how they're taking rosaries to the next level!
October 11, 2019

#FunFactFriday – Halloween

Do you know what the most popular Halloween treat in Arizona is? Follow the link to find out and to learn some spooky facts about Halloween for this #FunFactFriday!
October 8, 2019

My Advice for Attending Your First SPJ Valley Publicity Summit

Are you already looking forward to next year’s SPJ Valley Publicity Summit? Check out Autumn's advice for attending your first summit.
September 27, 2019

‘Tis the Season for Pumpkin Spice

The change of the season has Autumn thinking about pumpkin spice and everything nice. But how can you tell if your brand over-doing it? Read more about how seasonal marketing can affect your brand this fall.
September 19, 2019

Too young for business cards?

As an ambitious 6-year-old, Autumn was already trying to climb the career ladder. Business cards were the first step. Read more!