August 21, 2019

Those that do, teach

As the school year starts back up, Abbie is getting ready to teach another class for ASU. Read more about her journey from in-person to online teaching.
August 15, 2019

What role does Facebook play in workplace friendships?

Are you friends with your coworkers or employees on Facebook? A recent study by the Institute for Public Relations found that being friends on Facebook helps strengthen relationships at work. Read more!
August 8, 2019

Is it ok for the workplace to monitor your social media feed?

Social media has given all of us a platform for our personal views. But when those personal views come into conflict with your profession, have you crossed the line?
July 22, 2019

#MediaMonday – Julie Erfle

For #MediaMonday, we are introducing Julie Erfle from Arizona Mirror. Learn more about her history with political activism.
July 18, 2019

Surveys, quizzes and apps…oh my

This week’s app craze, FaceApp, has everyone posting photos of what they might look like in the future. Just as fast as photos were shared, the dangers of the app were exposed.
July 2, 2019

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should (again)

Photos create powerful reactions. In today's newsroom, judgement calls are made every day on sharing images. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
June 26, 2019

Crisis Communications in the Social Media Age

It seems not a day goes by that a viral video is making the news. Abbie gives her expert insight on how to handle crisis communications in the social media age.
June 20, 2019

In Brands We Trust

Edelman’s annual Trust Barometer Special Report notes that people’s expectations of brands are evolving. Learn more about key takeaways from the study.
June 14, 2019

What to wear in today’s office?

Abbie remembers when heels and hose were the office norm. In today's workplace, when does business casual become too casual? Do you know what to wear?
June 12, 2019

Best advice you got from your dad

With Father's Day right around the corner, Abbie asked for the best business advice people have gotten from their dad.