November 24, 2020

Do You Listen to Podcasts?

Podcasts have become increasingly popular in the last few months during the pandemic. What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?
November 12, 2020

How do you consume your news?

There are many different outlets from which to consume your news. How do you go about choosing an outlet? Read more from Abbie...
November 4, 2020

The Morning After

As the results of the election remain uncertain, Abbie reflects on how this can be a challenging time for people and businesses. Read more....
October 28, 2020

Is it really just stuff?

After 28 years of working in our office at Whitton Place, team HMA has transitioned to working remotely from home. Read more from Abbie as she reminisces about the times spent in the office.
October 23, 2020

Energy is Reciprocal

Leaders use their energy and influence to get the most of their teams. Ken Jacobs shared great info with PRGN members on leadership. Read more from Abbie!
October 14, 2020

Additional investigate reporting team coming to Arizona

As newsrooms continue to change, the need for quality journalism does not. ProPublica will be supporting investigative journalism in AZ. Click to learn more.
October 8, 2020

Libras and Communicators

Does your zodiac sign correlate with the work you do? As a creative communicator, Abbie Fink credits this to her Libra sun. Learn more about Libras and communicators by clicking the link!
October 1, 2020

#HMATurns40 Does all this marketing really work?

With about one month until election day, many of our phones, TV's and mailboxes have been flooded with campaign promises of candidates. But how effective are these measures? During HMA's 40 year history, we've been nonpartisan in our public relations campaigns to evaluate each opportunity. Read more from Abbie about this strategy by clicking the link. #HMATurns40
September 21, 2020

#MediaMonday – Ellen O’Brien

Happy #MediaMonday! Today's feature comes from Ellen O'Brien, a reporter and photographer with Jewish News. Ellen grew up reading local newspapers and magazines and recently graduated from the Walter Cronkite School at ASU. Learn more about her and the types of pitches she is accepting by clicking the link.
September 17, 2020

Could it really be 100 days?

Yes, it has been 100 days since we re-set the clock on our work-from-home strategy. The HMA team made a valiant attempt to return to the […]