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November 7, 2008
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November 10, 2008
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alison2You might remember that Arizona's early attempts failed to pass a law making Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday a holiday. I don't remember it - in fact, I always remember getting that day off in school.

Anyhow, this move proved a huge mistake and PR nightmare that was eventually overturned in 1992, giving us one Monday off each January to remember the historic leader.

Even after the blunder was fixed, however, Arizona's PR nightmare continued.

About once a year throughout most of the 90s, I can remember both Married with Children and the Simpsons making fun of Arizona as a racist state. And they were certainly not alone. Thankfully, things seemed to cool down toward the end of the millennium - but will the infamous blunder ever really die?

Apparently not.

In last week's 30 Rock, when Tracy Morgan's (hilarious) character was trying to explain that discrimination still existed, he said, "Do you know it is still illegal to be black in Arizona?"

Yep. It happened. He went there.

So, will Arizona ever live down one of its biggest PR blunders? Or are we doomed to be mocked - even more than Alabama or Arkansas where slavery actually happened - forever?

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