April 26, 2009
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April 30, 2009
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scott4Interesting that with major daily newspapers all across the country slashing and furloughing their staffs, shrinking their content and some shutting down their presses, The Arizona Republic has announced an increase in its Sunday circulation.

The boost in Sunday readership, up to 516,562 (0.2 percent), puts The Republic in the top 10 nationwide.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the Top 10 make it through the next several months and who will remain on this Audit Bureau of Circulations list.

  1. New York Times, 1,451,233
  2. Los Angeles Times, 1,019,388
  3. Washington Post, 868,965
  4. Chicago Tribune, 858,256
  5. Daily News (New York), 644,766
  6. Detroit Free Press, 585,022
  7. Houston Chronicle, 583,364
  8. Philadelphia Inquirer, 550,4000
  9. Denver Post, 526,235
  10. Arizona Republic, 516,562.

RIP: Rocky Mountain News, Cincinnati Post, etc., etc.

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