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December 13, 2012
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Is bigger always better? It depends. This blog started out as a big vs. small (iPad mini vs. iPhone) but since my new bosses were not up to purchasing a new iPad mini for me (for the sole purpose of “research” of course) I decided to write about all good things MAC (in what I call “my first step” to converting a friend of mine over to the “dark” side)!

Now onto all good things MAC or the Top 10 Reasons Why a MAC is Better than a Windows-based P.C.

1)      I can instantly turn my MAC laptop on by opening it. Five seconds is all it takes for me to begin using it. Compare that to the 90+ seconds it takes for me to turn on my Windows based P.C.

2)      The screen display on my MacBook is 10 times more clear and crisp.

3)      Mac sets the standard for style.

4)      All of my MAC devices (Macbook, iPhone, iPod, iPad) work together and save everything in the “cloud” so I am never without something that I need.

5)      Apple stores have genius bars. They assist you and take pride in their products and themselves.

6)      Interoperability. For example, I have Microsoft on my MAC. Yes, the same programs (Word, Excel, etc) that a Windows-based PC user has.

7)      MAC is the standard to be compared to. Why do you think every other phone states in reviews “as compared to the iPhone,” “better than the iPhone,” etc.

8)      As Stephanie Lough pointed out, the user interface is much more user-friendly. It is  “learn as you use” as opposed to “learn first and then use. “

9)      Apples are good for you. In fact, an apple a day keeps the doctor away (or at least my mom always told me this).

10)   As PowerMax puts in in its Top 10 list “Microsoft is for geeks, Apple is for people who just want to get things done.”

And if I can get on my soapbox for a minute because I am writing about MAC computers, please note, despite the amazingly awesome Apple ad campaign a few years back, a PC and a MAC are NOT the same thing. A PC is a Personal Computer and a MAC is… ta da… a Personal Computer. So when a person says PC vs. MAC, they are both personal computers!

Enough Blogged.

Your thoughts on MAC computers?



Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. Jaci Coyle says:

    Mac is much more user friendly. I have everything laid out in an easy-to-understand order (and colored tagged!) which takes considerably less time then the Windows 7 at school to locate files and use programs.

    And you can set the Dock to get bigger when you scroll over it. That’s always fun.

    The only bad thing about Mac is iTunes. I didn’t think they could screw it up any more.

  2. Matt Donars says:

    While PC’s and Macs are both technically personal computers, I would dare to say that Macs are MORE personal than an average PC. The way Apple has marketed themselves, I feel, has given life and personality to their Macs. It’s as if Macs are “a part of the family” whereas a PC is just a cold, lifeless computing machine inside a home. Having a user-friendly interface makes it that much easier for people to have a relationship with their Mac. Operating a mac feels like an innate trait just like breathing; Macs are a part of your life, if only on a sentimental level. I don’t think anyone can confidently say that about a PC.

  3. Stephanie Lough says:

    My iPhone is my best friend.

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