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August 26, 2015
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August 28, 2015
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Recently, I was having a customer service issue with a company and could not get ahold of a single real human (only automated systems). Anyone else experience this miserable outreach trying to solve a problem? Then, as a public relations professional, I did what I do best -- I went to Twitter.

Within 10 minutes of tweeting the company multiple times, I had a response to send them a direct message and all would be taken care of. Guess what?  They promptly told me in that direct message that they were unable to help me.

My wheels started turning as I realized this company just didn’t want there to be a bad social media mark on their company. It would act as if all was well and then tell me behind closed doors that they were unable to solve my problem.

Are all brands like this? Do they merely use social media responses to “save face” or are they actually helping people?

I took to Twitter and was surprisingly happy with what I found. Take for example, @NikeSupport. While the @Nike account is top-notch on replying to everyday tweets, the support account offers real humans, yes you heard me, available to actually help solve problems.

NikeNike 2


See the example below of a fantastic customer service conversation:

This dialogue went on until the issue was solved. What I love about this dialogue is that you can tell the response is genuine rather than a generic factory response. Other great examples of this are @ATTCares and @WholeFoods. Unfortunately, there are still companies who use generic responses which leave the customer feeling like their voice hasn’t been heard. See prime examples here thanks to Spokel: American Airlines Bank of AmericaProps to the companies who are taking care of their customers. Isn’t that what customers want anyway? This is a great reminder for those of us in the “people” business -- your customers and clients want to feel like their voice counts. It is your job to make their opinions matter and be active in the problem solving process.

Caelen Tallant
Caelen Tallant
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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