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January 2, 2014
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Communication habits we hate 3Let’s say you’re talking to your boss when a co-worker jumps into the middle of the conversation, giving their own opinion (without you asking for it).

Sound familiar? The communication habits of others can sometimes be irritating. I took the liberty of seeing which communications habits of my coworkers really got under their skin. Here’s what they had to say:

Kelly:  When at a dinner or an event with someone and they cannot go more than 10 minutes without looking at their phone.

Alison: Wandering eyes while talking and those who say one thing while non-verbally communicating another.

Scott: Not returning phone calls.  If someone has the courtesy/guts to leave a message, the recipient should have the class to return the call.

Rachel: When I am having a meal and someone is constantly on their phone.

Abbie: Assuming that when I see a missed call that I will return it.  If you want me to call you back, please leave me a message with a callback number.

And these aren’t the only ones. I also asked some of my closest friends and family members. Here were the most mentioned annoying communication habits:

  • Sending long emails/texts when something much briefer would suffice
  • Not making eye contact during conversation
  • Finishing other people’s sentences
  • Talking about you too much
  • Looking at your phone while on a date
  • Chewing gum loudly
  • Talking with food in your mouth

Now, I know what you’re thinking—guilty. Sure, even I can admit I have committed some of these communication crimes in my past. But with a new year upon us, there is no better time than now to become more mindful of interpersonal interactions and look at ways to improve your quality of communication. After all, it’s time to make resolutions, right?

What are some annoying communication habits that really get under your skin? What communication habit do you hope to improve in 2014?

Katie Snyder
Katie Snyder
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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