What fun!
July 9, 2008
But the TV movie said they did it!
July 11, 2008
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Check out who I ran into on my vacation to San Francisco last week - ghosts of American Idol past Lakisha Jones (season six fourth place finisher), Anwar Robinson (season four seventh place finisher) and fan favorite JPL (season three eighth place finisher). They were in town performing with a dozen other American Idolers for the 4th of July.

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  1. Alison:

    OK, you come to San Francisco and you don’t even call or write? Your fellow PRGN partner will take it personally and give you the full-blown Jewish guilt trip. . .!!! 🙂

    Sorry we missed you but hope you had a great time in our hometown. Call us next time, OK — and we’ll show you an even better time than the Idols. Cheers, David Landis

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