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abbie1After 72 years, Guiding Light is ending. Now for most people, that may not seem like such a big deal. Television shows come and go. But this is no ordinary television show. 72 years is a long-time. The soap opera, named because of its corporate sponsor Proctor & Gamble, started as a 15-minute serial on the radio. My grandmas used to listen in as they did the "stay-at-home" mom thing back before you were called "stay-at-home" mom.

When the advent of television, the radio shows moved to the airwaves and added 15 minutes to their schedules. Eventually the 30-minute drama evolved to its current one-hour format.

Admittedly, some of the plot lines are a bit ridiculous. Really now, how is it that Roger Thorpe was able to come back from the dead at least four different times. Or that Blake had twin sons, with two different fathers. Or that kids are born one day and they're teenagers the next. Or no matter how many times Reva and Josh breakup and move on to other spouses, we secretly hope they will rekindle their "always" love for each other.

I have been watching this show for as long as I can remember. I wrote my masters thesis on the premise that if we liked a character in the soap we forgave them their sins, if we hated them, we'd wish them gone. For the 40-minutes it takes to the replay show, reality is suspended and these friendly faces of Springfield give me a much-needed reprieve from an otherwise overworked, overscheduled day.

To the Coopers, Spauldings, Bauers, Marlers and the many other residents of Springfield - I wish you a fond farewell. This fan will miss you terribly.

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