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A recent EO Arizona presentation featured Rick Sapio, the founder and president of Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc., as the speaker.  He’s been successful in his career in the financial industry – but he needed more.

So, sort of by accident, he went on a quest to meet more than a dozen billionaires.  It started when he was raising money for Rudy Giuliani’s presidential run in 2008.  Sapio raised the most money at a Texas fundraiser and was rewarded with a visit and lunch at the ranch of T. Boone Pickens.

Shortly thereafter, Sapio was at a silent auction and bought four separate “visits with billionaires” – which nobody else even bid on. From then it was game on.  He subsequently met with Richard Branson, Ray Lee Hunt, Warren Buffett and a number of other billionaires.

The list is quite impressive and prompted Bradley Zall, owner of Accurate Companies, who was seated next to me at the presentation, to state: “I’m sick of playing small.”  I loved the quote.

And I also enjoyed Sapio’s take on the common traits of the billionaires he met with.  Among them are:

They have laser focus.

They see opportunity versus risk.

They are very careful about who and what gets into their life.

Many have come back from the brink and are resilient.

They are less judgmental.

They think very BIG, and don’t get bogged down in small details.


I’m sure there are more.


Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson
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  1. Rick also had quite a bit to say about his “Family Dinner Placemat.” Ronald Reagan said: “All great change in America begins at the family dinner table.” Rick has taken that to a new level.

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