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January 24, 2011
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January 27, 2011
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Today’s tip – check out fellow public relations practitioner Susan Hart’s Everyday PR blog on crisis communications in the wake of the Tucson shooting in early January. There is a fantastic check list in her blog that will help determine the current status of your plan.

Susan puts it best that no one is immune to crisis and today’s evolving technology has likely advanced since the last time many crisis plans were reviewed.

Thanks, Susan!

Abbie S. Fink
Abbie S. Fink
Vice President/General Manager Abbie has been doing public relations her whole life…from organizing a picket line in 6th grade to organizing client communications today. She’s passionate about a lot of things, you’ll see. Check out Abbie's full bio

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  1. Susan and I had the chance to work together several years ago — one of our primarily responsibilities was to handle crisis communications in the event something should occur. Having the plan and having it updated on a regular basis ensured that we handled everything with a clear head. You’ll always make adjustments at the time, but having something solid to go back to makes all the difference.

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