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August 2, 2010
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Abbie during her FABULOUS cruise vacation at port

A different take on Tip for Tuesday – I need your help. July was a busy month-I was on vacation and out of the office for almost two weeks and came back to some exciting new projects. Problem is, I’ve been lax in writing posts for the blog. Fortunately, our entire team posts to our blog, but I do feel guilty that I haven’t been much of a contributor.

So I’m asking for your tips – where do you get your inspiration for blog posts (the inspiration for this quick post came at 4 a.m.), how do you stay motivated to keep writing? All are ideas are welcome and appreciated.

Abbie S. Fink
Abbie S. Fink
Vice President/General Manager Abbie has been doing public relations her whole life…from organizing a picket line in 6th grade to organizing client communications today. She’s passionate about a lot of things, you’ll see. Check out Abbie's full bio


  1. Ken Reinstein says:


    Although I don’t write blogs, I do post to Facebook and Twitter for clients. I try to keep up on the latest news related to their companies/services and something in the headlines of the day/week will usually provide a spark of creativity.

  2. Paula Hall says:

    Hi Abbie, great to have you back!

    I agree with Ken, usually daily headlines help a lot. Trends on newspapers, blogs, twitter, facebook, and youtube, are fun interesting inspirational resources.

    But here’s an idea…How about a post on costumer service? I’ve noticed recently how protective of themselves companies are, and how difficult it is for some of them to apologize for their mistakes, most times forgetting the basics of good costumer service. Does that happen with the PR industry? How often do PR firms recognize they were wrong? What are the best practices in those cases? I’m waiting for your tips!

  3. Abbie, if I had time, I could probably post twice a day. Would all of it be relevant? Yes…to someone. To my target audience? Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes, I think we over analyze what we think may be of merit and what may not. Me…right or wrong, I just write. In the next few months, I’m actually going to follow an editorial calendar (gasp!) that introduces my 48 subscribers and 50 random daily viewers (I am working my way up to the big leagues!) to my core business focus. It’s my attempt to behave in a grown up and professional business blogger model. But I will still pepper it with a few Mimi’s Musings offerings because…well…it’s my blog.

    Okay, forget me as an example and look at a true success story, Seth Godin–my favorite. Occasionally, his posts aren’t about marketing; sometimes they’re more self-promoting; sometimes they’re riveting and just one word long! I subscribe to lots of blogs. I never fail to open his. He seems to garner inspiration from things that are on the top of his mind balanced by things he feels compelled to teach and share.

    You know a LOT, Miss Abbie! What would you love to teach the new professional; the troublesome client; the business start up; the news editor; the fledgling reporter; the event planner; the non-profit executive…I could go on and on. Tell us what you think. Tell us what you wonder. Tell us what you know for sure.

    I’m eager to read all about it!!

  4. Abbie —

    I almost hate to admit this, but my strongest ideas for blog posts (all collected in a file while we wait for our new website to launch) come from … moments of frustration. Something makes me crazy (a badly written cover letter, lack of a thank you from a job candidate, a client’s lack of understanding about PR coupled with unreasonable expectations) and, BOOM, I have a blog post idea.

    Sort of a “build a better mousetrap” approach.

    How about a post on the importance of vacation to re-energize you and help you bring new ideas to clients? Take a look at the cover article in yesterday’s NYT about how clergy are getting really burned out and need more vacation.

    Can’t wait to see what you post.


  5. Good afternoon Abbie,

    I get the majority of my blog topics from reading (gasp) the Newspaper. Since most of the blog topics I write on are about Scottsdale and Leadership, it is very easy for me to become inspired to write by reading the Scottsdale Republic.


    And, YES, I still read the actual newspaper, delivered everyday, not the online version!

  6. Dave Murrow says:

    Abbie, I recommend checking out new reading avenues. Click on blogs you’ve never been to, online mags you may have zero to little interest in, and documentaries someone mentioned once in passing. Inevitably, you hear something out of your comfort zone that connects back to your main line of work and your main readership focus on your blog. And when that hits, you’re able to put some posts together.

    Or, when desperation takes hold, just nick off http://pr.alltop.com 🙂

  7. Great ideas everyone! My post today about Yelp certainly falls into your category, Anne.

    Mimi–I do like to share my experiences, so great ideas about what I would like to share with others in our industry.

    Dave — I read plenty of industry blogs, but your suggestion to read outside my comfort zone is a good one.

    Ken, sometimes I think that’s part of my challenge. Keeping Facebook and Twitter posts current and relevant sometimes saps my blog creativity. But taking using the Seth Godin method, maybe those same quick hitters would be enough for that day’s blog as well.

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