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A screenshot of our online newsroom

Over the past few months, our team at HMA has been working to update its website – and to develop an interactive online newsroom with client news, photos, links, video and more.

So, given all these months of work, when I attended the recent PRSA Western District Conference in Las Vegas, I was eager to participate in the breakout session focusing on creating and maintaining fabulous online newsrooms, which was led by HMA guest blogger Pete Codella and Sally Falkow.

According to the session, some “must haves” for any online newsroom in today’s digital communications world including the Five “W”s and the One “H,” but not in the way you think:

  • Who – who uses an online newsroom anyway?
    • Everyone who has a public relations need should use one!
  • What – what is an online newsroom and what will it be to your brand?
    • It’s a one-stop, online shop for news and information
    • As for what will it be to you – this is something you need to determined for your brand. Is it for media? Online journalists? Bloggers? Clients? Internal communications?
  • When – when do I need one and when do I update it?
    • You need one now and update it as often as possible – at least twice a week, if possible.
  • Where – where will this be viewed?
    • Take into account different browsers, different search engines, different time zones and different cultures
  • Why – why should you make the move?
    • An online newsroom is content in the social space CONTROLLED by you!
      • YOU can be a resource!
      • YOU can be your own SEO!
      • YOU can offer accurate information to all media, stakeholders and the community-at-large 24 hours a day!
      • YOU can communicate effectively with anyone online!
  • How/Why – how and why is an online newsroom really important?
    • An online newsroom supports your key messages, online marketing strategy, general public relations positioning and more.

And we were just getting started! For a full deck from the breakout session, please click here.

So, how does your online newsroom stack up? How does ours? And, if you don’t yet have one – think you will look into it?

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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