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"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

~ Shakespeare

Last week my five-year-old son and I had a very interesting conversation that went basically like this:

Aiden: "Mom I wish my name was not Aiden"
Me:  "Oh, well I like the name Aiden, but what name would you prefer?"
Aiden: (replies very seriously) "Yoda, because I'm going to be a Jedi when I grow up!"

To which I should have replied: “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.” ~Yoda

Of course he is going to be a Jedi when he grows up and what better name for a Jedi than Yoda (or maybe Luke)? Which got me to thinking, what is really in a name?

Maybe Aiden was correct he has always been a Jedi (Yoda) in training

When you think of certain names there are images that you automatically conjure up.

Think about these group names and what do you think of?

Bella, Edward, Jacob

Brittany, Lindsay, Tiffany

Leia, Anakin, Padmé (had to put this one in for my little Jedi)

Believe it or not there is a “science” behind names called Neimology. According to Sharon Wyeth, author of Know The Name, Know The Person, Neimology Science is the study of the placement of letters in a name, and how they interact with each other to divulge hidden secrets about someone’s character.

There really is something in a name. First Impressions (and even pre-first impressions) do matter. Perhaps celebrities should think about these things before naming their child Apple, Pilot Inspektor or Blanket. Their name will stick with them forever.

So now I ask you, do names really matter or are they “overrated”?

Photo of Aiden and friends at Comicon
Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. Billie Walls says:

    Great article. Very interesting about the science behind names.

  2. Scott Hanson says:

    Odd, or different names are easier to remember.

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