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September 15, 2014
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September 17, 2014
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photoAs the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words;” I say a picture is still worth a thousand words.

Over the last few years, Instagram has gained popularity with consumers, companies and celebrities alike. Earlier this week, Instagram announced that is has more than 150 million users, 16 billion photos share, 1.2 billion likes daily and on average, 55 million photos per day.  Per day. That is a lot of photos of food, selfies and puppies (or maybe that’s just what shows up in my feed).

Instagram has also become the go-to place for companies and celebrities to make ‘statements.’ When the tapes leaked of the infamous Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange elevator debacle, Beyonce took to Instagram to post happy photos of the three of them. Neil Patrick Harris also took to Instagram to dispel problems at home. Rumors of a split popped up, and he took to Instagram, posting a happy photo of his family. While he added a caption to his photo, he could have left it with just a photo… because it said everything he wanted it to say.

Companies are also using Instagram to announce new products - Ben & Jerry’s posted a photo of its new ice cream flavor and got immediate positive feedback, all with a simple photo.  Much like Twitter and Facebook, sponsored posts and immediate shopping from the app are coming soon, but I don’t think that will change the user’s opinion. Instagram offers an ‘intimate’ behind-the-scenes look that the other platforms are not using. The photos are not ads or a ‘click to buy here’ post, it’s a “here’s how you can use our product,” “don’t forget to check out this place when you come” kind of post.

I personally like, and use, Instagram way more than my other social sites.  I like the simplicity of photos to get the point across versus the lengthy post, link and photo of Facebook or the tiny bit of information and link of Twitter. One post, one photo, worth a thousand words.

What about you? Do you like Instagram better for personal or business use?

I love Instagram so much, I started one for HMA! Make sure you follow us @hmapublicrelations!

Kelly Potts
Kelly Potts
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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