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July 30, 2008
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August 5, 2008
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So, this Friday the Summer Olympics begin in Beijing.

And, as with most events, this one is not without its never-ending list of potential public relations emergencies. However, even for a large-scale event, this particular Olympics has more than its share of fires to put out.

Chief among them is the fact that the air has been reported as nearly unbreathable.

I have even heard reports of athletes wanting to wear facemasks to protect themselves!

So, put on your facemask and get into the mind of the Olympics public relations team - what would you do?

Invite all of the major environmental organizations for the game for some serious discussions about how to fix the problem? Issue statements explaining reasons for the pollution and measures already being taken to fix the situation? Censor all media in the country?

Sadly, based on news reports thus far, option three is probably their choice...

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