January 31, 2012

A Tip for Tuesday – Less Sap! More Snap!

Today, we welcome back our Spring intern, Katie, to share with us a guest blog about improving one's writing skills. Katie, take it away! NEWSFLASH – sap is […]
January 30, 2012

#MediaMonday – Lauren Gilger

You may know her as ABC 15 journalist supreme, but others may mistake her for Picasso – or Annie Leibovitz. Yep, ABC 15 reporter Lauren Gilger […]
January 26, 2012

Hunting for Freshest, Fittest Kid in the Valley!

Our clients do some pretty cool things. One especially cool thing – as a major supporter of community programs in the Valley, Subway® Restaurants of Arizona […]
January 25, 2012

“What is…?” Wednesday – Denise Bruce tells us “What is Public Relations?”

This week, HMATime is pleased to have Denice Bruce as a guest blogger, responding to one (seemingly) simply question: What is public relations? Name sound familiar? […]
January 25, 2012

A Toast to Scott!

In this business, we spend a lot sharing the success stories of others. Today, however, we honor one of our own. We at HMA are THRILLED […]
January 24, 2012

Tip for Tuesday – Renew your FinderBinder!

This tip for Tuesday doubles as not only useful advice related to our field, but also a little shameless self-promotion. As many if not all of […]
January 23, 2012

#MediaMonday – Marie Saavedra

I love native Chicagoans! Not because I am one, mind you. But my family is originally from South Bend, Indiana (yes, home to Notre Dame). Being […]
January 19, 2012

Sip, Chat, Chew…and Network Too!

Enough with the Egg Nog! Ditch that Dreidel! Recycle that Reindeer Sweater! I am sorry, my friends, but the holidays are over. In fact, it is […]
January 18, 2012

“What is…” Wednesday – What is SOPA & PIPA?

If you have been on the Internet today (which of course you have) you may have noticed a few of your favorite websites not working. Wikipedia, […]