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December 12, 2013
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Who knew HMA was so superstitious? But thankfully, none of us have a paraskevidekatriaphobia!

In honor of today being the most superstitious day of all, here are 13 superstitions for Friday, the 13th.

  1. Back when there were actual hard-copy proposals, we would sprinkle imaginary magic dust on them as they were going out the door.
  2. When I’m in Vegas playing blackjack, if I’m hot I will continue to pick up my cards the exact same way until I lose.  The same with throwing the dice on the craps table.
  3. Touch the ceiling of the car when driving through a yellow light.
  4. Washing one’s car makes it rain.
  5. Don’t whistle in the house – causes financial hardship.
  6. Don’t put a hat on the bed - While it is not certain that this is from Jewish origins, it seems the superstition comes from a time when people believed that evil spirits lived in the hair.
  7. Put a penny on each window sill - -wards off evil spirits or so you’ll have good luck.
  8. When you move into a new home – walk in with your right foot for good luck.
  9. When you move into a new home – old Jewish tradition to give salt, bread and a broom when someone moves into a new home as a housewarming gift. Salt is to season your life, the bread is so you will not go hungry, and the broom is to sweep your troubles or sorrows away. Sugar may be added to ensure sweetness in your life.
  10. Spit three times if a black cat crosses your path – ward off evil spirits.
  11. Don’t open umbrellas inside, or you will have bad luck for seven years.
  12. If you drive over a railroad track, you tap the dashboard twice and the ceiling once.
  13. Knock on wood to counter bad luck.


Now you tell us! What are some of your superstitions?

Kelly Potts
Kelly Potts
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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