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June 12, 2013
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June 14, 2013
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When I took my first PR class at NAU, Intro to Public Relations, I was told that there are four sides to public relations: non-profit, government, corporation and agency. Unsure of which area would suit me best, I decided to learn more about each before ultimately choosing my career path.

Thus far I have had the pleasure of interning with the city of Flagstaff, the government side, with Flagstaff Medical Center, the non-profit and corporation side, and now at HMA, to experience the agency side.

While I do believe I learned a great deal about public relations in my classes throughout college, there’s nothing like hands-on experience. So, in my weeks leading up to this internship I was both excited and eager to learn more and get a taste of agency life.

Today marks my 10th day as an HMA intern! Since this is my first internship that I don’t have to rush to after school, or rush home and do homework, it makes it that much more enjoyable for me! So far I have learned that:

  1. Celebrating obscure holidays in the office is acceptable – if it ends in bringing donuts!
  2. No question is a dumb question – and they stop what they are doing to actually engage with you to answer all questions!
  3. If you are stuck on something and cannot think of a creative way of pursuing your topic – brainstorm with the office.
  4. Learning to think of your day in 15-minute increments is hard.
  5. Balancing multiple clients and projects a day is difficult, but also gives you the chance to take a break from certain projects and regroup your thoughts.
  6. Do not talk about the Heat with Katie – unless you want a lecture about Mr. James.
  7. Even the smallest task from someone helps them tremendously.
  8. Tracking news stories through Facebook and Twitter is a good way to think about new opportunities for clients.
  9. Ask to be put on a project that interests you- the worst they can do is say no!
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

I am so excited to learn agency side of PR throughout my internship, and I have the feeling this is the perfect place for me!

Kelly Potts
Kelly Potts
A former HMA Public Relations employee.


  1. Stephanie Lough says:

    Your next lesson: The teen heart-throbs of the 90s. Part 1: Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

  2. Katie says:


    I am thrilled to have you here. Looking forward to working with you more!

  3. I’m so glad to see you’re happy in your new role! We loved you at Flagstaff Medical Center and are pretty devastated you’re gone. HMA is incredibly lucky to have you.

  4. Kelly Potts says:

    Thanks everyone! Looking forward to my lessons, Steph!

  5. Kelly Potts says:

    Thanks everyone! Looking forward to the rest of the internship!

  6. The 15-minute thing still gets me too! Wait until you start dividing your entire life in 15-minute increments…even vacations!

  7. Rachel Brockway says:

    Welcome Kelly!

    So glad you are here– I tried to resist the donuts (cupcakes, chocolate, cookies, etc) when I first came… then I just gave in!

    I mean really #everydayisaholiday

  8. We’re so happy to have you. There’s so much more to learn, but obscure holidays will also be a valuable 🙂

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