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March 7, 2012
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March 12, 2012
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When I first came on board with HMA it was a transition. Not because of the job, the clients or the coworkers (granted, those things can always be a transition), but because of the dress code. Yes, I’m actually complaining about clothes here. I went from wearing jeans and dressing trendy to an environment where business casual attire was the norm Monday – Thursday. Clearly, I had Friday covered. For the rest, I did a tiny bit of shopping to round out my business casual options.

Clearly, I’m all for wearing jeans any and every day of my life. You can dress them down, dress them up, look casual and look professional. Yes, you can actually wear jeans and look professional. Which brings me to the point of my blog: some people take casual Friday a little too casual (and according to a recent article on AZCentral.com, they agree with me).

While it’s ok for clients to see you in jeans, they don’t want to see your Alumni hoodie from the 90’s or your wife beater (no matter how insanely hot it is outside) with your bra hanging out. Yes, it’s Friday and the start of the weekend, but you’re at work people! Have a little confidence, be excited you get to wear something more casual than the rest of the week and rock those fashionable jeans right into the office.

Need some help? Check out my Pinterest boards on the subject – there’s one for the ladies, and one for the gents.

Any other suggestions on how NOT to be too casual on Fridays? Leave your chic suggestions below.

Kendra Schultz
Kendra Schultz
A former HMA Public Relations employee.